Beyond Partisan Politics:  

Bridging Divides by Overcoming Our Echo Chambers

The Provost’s Ethics Colloquium and CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation are delighted to announce that we’ll jointly host a panel discussion and community conversation, Beyond Partisan Politics: Bridging Divides by Overcoming Our Echo Chambers, from 4:30 to 6:30 PM on Friday, November 8th in the Lory Student Center Theater.  The event is free and open to the public. Registration required, please click here to register: Bridging Partisan Politics.

Panelists represent a diverse set of perspectives. While Joan Blades, founder of and, takes a progressive view, she advocates dialogue across difference through Living Room Conversations. Similarly, John Gable, who works in Silicon Valley and earlier worked for Sen. Mitch McConnell, takes a conservative view, yet urges us to engage  a full range of perspectives on issues through his start-up AllSides, designed specifically to address the biases caused by “filter bubbles.” Pedro Silva is a USAF Veteran and trained linguist who currently serves as an Associate Minister at the First Congregational Church Boulder, UCC. He has a passion for using expansive conversational models such as Living Room Conversations to engage subjects such as race, ethnicity, and political discourse.

The speakers will engage each other, telling their stories of working to create connection across differences that diminish the filter bubbles we all so naturally inhabit. They’ll discuss the tools they have developed to support that important work. After the panel discussion, the audience will have an opportunity to participate in a Living Room Conversation. Trained student facilitators from CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation will facilitate. Conversations will introduce strategies for respectful yet substantive exploration of differences and for considering how to overcome our echo chambers. The evening will close with a reflection on the process and a question-and-answer session with the panelists.


The Provost’s Ethics Colloquium promotes cross-disciplinary, cross-college conversations about ethics-related issues. By highlighting existing ethics seminars and activities, encouraging additional events, and providing virtual resources, the Colloquium fosters increased interaction and collaboration among faculty and staff members working with an ethical perspective on virtually any issue facing the community. We know that there are already many activities in this direction happening at CSU; our goal is to support, highlight, and enhance them, and to give our broader Northern Colorado community a window into all that is going on at CSU.  To that end, while themes and topics will be broad-based, the Colloquium will emphasize ethical issues in the professions and disciplines, particularly when such issues have larger social, civic, political, and economic implications.

To pursue these goals, the Colloquium launched a series of events featuring CSU and external speakers. The first event was a conversation on “The End of The University,” by Provost Rick Miranda and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor Matt Hickey; they described some of the issues that university faculty could/should consider in designing curricula that could equip students to have a values-based approach to their education.  How can our students learn to deal both ethically and effectively with the civic, social, political, and economic implications of our changing world – and how should we provide those learning outcomes?  Subsequent talks in the series have addressed a range of topics, from media ethics and religious ethics to the ethics of how laboratory animals are treated and the intersections between ethics and diversity issues in community-based research and teaching.

A fund has been established to provide funding that will enable the Colloquium to bring a compelling high-profile speaker to campus each year. Many supporters choose to help make possible CSU events that matter to them through a gift to the event. We are asking for your help to ensure that funding will be available to enable the Colloquium to continue sponsoring events that promote meaningful engagement with ethics-related issues.

Thank you for your consideration and for helping us to reach our goal. You may make your gift using this link: Provost’s Ethics Colloquium.


Please suggest ethics-related events for co-sponsorship and/or prospective topics and speakers for future events by contacting